The Evolution of Quantitative Economics through Mathematical and Data Modelling


The field of Economics has evolved from purely theoretical studies since the time of Adam Smith due to increased importance of mathematical theory and data thanks to economists like Paul Samuelson. In this episode we discuss the journey of modern economics through the contribution of influential economists and the use of mathematical models in Econometrics. Kishen is pursuing his PhD in Economics at the University of Cambridge and his research is mainly based on Empirical Macroeconomics. He is involved in numerous innovative projects which require working with a lot of Data. The quality of research depends on Data used and the standards for good research are extremely high due to the strong foundation in Mathematics and Statistics in Econometrics. Join us as we learn about the exciting research going on at University of Cambridge!

Oct 19, 2021 11:00 AM
Kishen Shastry
Kishen Shastry
PhD Student in Economics

My research interests include Development Economics, and Informal Institutions.